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Around 24 to 28 weeks

We will screen you for gestational diabetes. This is a condition that can arise in the latter half of the pregnancy so we don’t routinely screen until this gestational age. (If you have a strong family history of diabetes we may screen you earlier and again at 26 to 28 weeks.) See Glucose Testing.

A complete blood count is repeated at this point because many women develop anemia during pregnancy. You will be notified if your levels are low. If they are it is important that you get more iron in your diet and we will often recommend a supplement. This is very important because it will help prevent you from feeling the symptoms of anemia (fatigue, dizziness, headaches, tiredness, shortness of breath) when you have a new born child at home. It will also lessen the chances that we will have to give you a blood transfusion after your delivery.

Repeat HIV, syphilis, and antibody screen will also be done at this point.

 Around 35 weeks

We will test you for Group B Strep (GBS) colonization. If you had this bacteria in your urine earlier you may not need this test. To do the test, we will use a Q tip like swab to take a sample from your vagina and rectum. The test is typically done on patients planning on both, vaginal and cesarean births.