Midwife Care at Southern Maryland Women’s Healthcare

High Touch, Low Intervention Care


How will midwife care work at SMWH? Our midwife, Susan, sees both gyn and obstetrical patients, which means you may see her for your annual visits and contraception management, as well as for pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you may choose to identify yourself as a midwife patient, which means that you will see her for all or most of your visits and possibly for your delivery. We currently do not have 24/7 midwifery care; therefore, our physicians are on call when Susan is not.

Our midwife is committed to the midwifery model of care. A phrase used to describe this model is High Touch, Low Intervention. That means she spends a lot of time with patients, educating and informing them. She limits intervention, tending to only recommend it when medically necessary. Utilizing this model, she focuses on prevention of disease and improving pregnancy outcomes.

As a midwife, she believes that the phases of a women’s life; puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, are normal stages that most often can be managed with education, presence, and support. She is trained in facilitating “normal,” and to identify when a patient falls out of the norm. When a patient moves off the path of normal, she will collaborate with the physicians of the practice to coordinate care for you. Midwives do not manage patients who have multiple complications or are unstable. Additionally, midwives do not do surgery, so if you require a cesarean section, you will be delivered by a physician.

Perhaps you may equate midwives with natural childbirth, and yes, midwives, are trained to help women who choose to have their birth experience with no medication. However, midwives support women making informed choices, and if an epidural is your choice of pain management, they are supportive of that decision. You can feel confident that during every visit and during your labor and birth, they will strive to inform and educate you on the choices you have for your care, the risk and benefits of any specific intervention, offer any additional alternatives, and allow you to make an informed decision on the plan.

Midwives take care of patients who choose a wide variety of birth experiences. We encourage you to learn more about midwifery and its benefits, even if you are not considering a medication free labor and birth. You may go to the American College of Nurse Midwives website at www.midwife.org . There is much more to discuss regarding midwife care and how it will work at our practice. If midwife care interests you, make an Interview appointment with Susan, so that she can discuss how she can work with you to give you the experience you desire.


Our Midwive’s Cesarean Rates:

The national average is 32%