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    • Soon after delivery, the nurses will give Vitamin K and Erythromycin to your newborn while they are doing his/her first assessment.
    • Approximately an hour or two after delivery, or when you say it is ok to do, the baby gets a sponge bath.
    • For the first hour of life the vital signs are taking every 15 min on the baby, and then hourly until stable, and then every 8 hours, as long as the baby is doing well.
    • The baby stays with you in the room except for some testing and procedures that need to be done in the nursery.  Often, the pediatrician will assess your baby in the nursery as well.  One or both of you may always accompany the infant in the nursery.  The nurses assess the baby at approx. 7am, 3pm and 11pm.

The procedures that are done on the baby before discharge are:

      • The hearing screen—Typically done after 24 hours of age.  It is non-invasive.
      • Hepatitis B administration—Can be given at any time.  Often, it is given by the nurses while they have the baby in the nursery for other procedures.  You can decline the Hepatitis B vaccine.
      • PKU–Can be done any time 24 hrs after the first feeding is complete. Often done on day 2, day of discharge.  It involves obtaining five drops of blood from your newborn’s heel.
      • Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening (CCHD)—This done done between 24 and 48 hours of age.  It is non-invasive and involves measuring the newborn’s oxygen level on his/her right hand and left foot.  A marked difference between the readings indicates further screening for heart defects.
      • If your baby weighs less than 2500 or more than 4000 grams, the pediatrician may want to check your baby’s blood sugar.  This is done via heelstick.  If it is <40 then supplementation is recommended.
      • If you are GBS positive and your water broke or the baby was born before you received adequate antibiotic treatment, the pediatrician may want to do some labs on your baby including a CBC and Blood Culture to rule out infection.  The CBC results come back within 1-2 hours while the Blood Culture takes 24-48 hours.
      • If for any reason the nurses or doctors are concerned about your baby’s breathing, the baby will go into the nursery for monitoring.  You are able to come and go in the nursery if this is the case, but will be asked to step out during procedures.