Advanced Technology

We have the technology that allows us to provide you with non-evasive strategies for care.

OB/Gynecological Care Solutions

Our clinic has a full array of services for every woman’s healthcare needs.

24/7 Availability

Our providers and midwives are on call for your emergency care needs.


What foods should I avoid while I am pregnant?
What can I do for morning sickness?
My doctor told me I had Group B Strep (GBS). What does that mean?
How long can I keep working?
I don’t feel my baby moving as much as usual. Should I worry?
When should I call my provider?

 Why Us?

Mission Statement

We at Southern Maryland Women’s Healthcare, P.A., look forward to not only meeting, but exceeding your obstetric and gynecologic needs. We work closely with several sub-specialists in the Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis areas to provide optimum care. We have special interests in pediatric, adolescent and geriatric gynecology, postmenopausal care, urogynecology, infertility, and minimally invasive surgery.

Great Locations

With two locations, you can bet that you will be seen promptly when you need care most.

Friendly Staff

Our staff is caring and committed to providing the best treatment with a smile.


Partnering with St. Mary’s Hospital Birthing Center.

Where you can have the “comforts of home”.

November’s Tip from Dr. Polko


November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes affects almost 30 million people in the United States, both adults and children. In addition to those affected by the disease, nearly 86 million additional people are prediabetic or at risk of developing diabetes. Your risk for developing diabetes is not related to obesity, but whether or not you are prediabetic. There are simple blood tests that can be done by your provider to help you determine if you are prediabetic. Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are two steps that you can take to help prevent the development of diabetes during your lifetime. Please feel free to contact our office if you would like to make an appointment to discuss your risk of diabetes with one of our providers. You could also visit for more information.


Every part of my pregnancy, labor, and delivery experience here was good! I would recommend this practice/midwives to anyone.

Our Clinic’s Cesarean Rates:

The national average is 33%

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